The carnival in Santiago de la Ribera

Hundreds of people paraded in San Pedro del Pinatar and Los Alcázares; the Rio comparsa took the carnival queen band in Santiago de la Ribera
The sun rewarded the comparsas of San Pedro del Pinatar and Los Alcázares, who yesterday took to the streets the spectacle of imagination manufactured throughout the year. From Los Narejos the alcazareño parade departed, with a band of pirates played with skulls of the comparsa Torresalinas at the head. The Peña El Universo flooded the afternoon in sea green with its feathered nymphs, which preceded the corsairs of the schools Al Kazar and Bienvenido Conejero in a parade of carnival more familiar than ever.

They highlighted the French-inspired mimes, like Marcel Marceau, of the Ampa of the Petra Sánchez school, which showed the most coordinated and original comparsa of the short parade, which did not lack the recurring superheroes.

AMPA Petra Sánchez, yesterday, parading in Los Alcázares. / A. S.
The Vikings of Dragon Boat were mixed along the avenues of Pinar del Rio, including the canoe built by the extravagant Floki. The English speakers of the Adapt group again started to smile with a multidose of flu shots in effervescent envelopes, pursued by two horrifying viruses that were only scared by a doctor equipped with a considerable needle.

The best staging, as always, was for the ballet Kebanna and her oriental nymphs. The bunnies with tutu of As you like joined the parade, along with the national flags of The Golden Years, mixed with Elvis disco and the Smurfs families of the El Palmeral Child Care Center. Science fiction characters and Caribbean dancers closed one of the longest shows of recent years, with 28 comparsas in the direction of Lo Pagán.

The proclamation of ‘Róper’

The Mar Menor continued to move at the rhythm of Don Carnal in San Javier. For the second consecutive year, the comparsa Rio took the band of Queen of Carnival of Santiago de la Ribera, this time with a multicolored costume of comic inspiration, designed by Eustaquio Espinosa. Two characters from an animated ciberbosque, the muse, Judith Pardo, and her companion, Javier Pérez, as sophisticated grasshoppers, showed the greatest connection on stage.

The muse, Judith Pardo, and her companion, Javier Pérez, in La Ribera. / A. S.
“Carnival is the party of uncovering, of joy, of losing modesty, of voting Citizens, of doing things that under normal circumstances you would not do,” joked actor Juan Luis Hurtado ‘Róper’, preacher of the Carnival. “The City Council forces me to say that this is the hamlet of the beach, if 155 does not apply to me, so the pedánea, Juli Gallut, has already taken the ticket to Brussels, but, as it was taken out in Corvera, will go nowhere ».