The new fairground will have a stage, green areas and attractions

The infrastructure will integrate the pine forest in a recreational space that will have capacity for 10,000 people.
The neighbors of San Pedro will premiere festive venue at their next appointment with the Patrón, on June 29. In the first days of April will begin the works of the new fairground with an area of ​​12,500 square meters next to the bus station. The goal is for the infrastructure to be completed before the summer calendar begins. The transfer of the festive activity to the northern area of ​​the urban area will free the public parking lot that operates in the most commercial area, in the avenue of Emilio Castelar, as demanded by the merchants, who saw how the high season arrived -precisely in June, with the fiestas of San Pedro- the activity of the peñas invaded the space destined to provide parking spaces for the clients who come to do their shopping in the center.

The project also provides a wider space for celebrations, fairs and concerts, with an indoor outdoor enclosure with capacity for 10,000 people. The security and evacuation conditions of the public or access to ambulances improve in this new location on the Avenida Mayor José María Tárraga, a few meters from the National Highway 332 that connects with the Alicante-Cartagena highway.

The site will have a booth as a ticket office in the access and a kiosk for soft drinks and ice cream, whose exploitation will be tendered in the coming months. “The space is very versatile, to be able to locate a tent or use the spaces free for sports or recreational activities”, explains the Town Planning Councilor, Pedro Sánchez. The two pine forests and the ficus found on the site will be integrated into the site, where green areas predominate, so that the shade of the trees will be projected onto the vegetation parterres and on the concrete pavement that will mark the routes for take a walk.

The Consistory will paint the facade of the bus station and will also install signage

The design foresees some ‘islands’ of stay of albero and others of gravel, combined with those of floor of rubber for the infantile park delimited with a fence perimetral. There will also be prefabricated concrete benches and a new vertical lighting on the trails. Inside the enclosure, the neighbors will have toilets, an area of ​​attractions and the stage.

With the remodeling of the block, it is also planned to renovate the image of the adjacent bus station, with a new coating on the façade, a new layer of paint and signage.

The mayor, Visitación Martínez, presented yesterday to the representatives of the clubs and associations the project, whose work has already been awarded. The plan includes the reform of the streets and avenues that connect the block of the fairground with the urban center to create a walk that connects the squares of the Constitution and that of Spain with the Parque de la Aduana.

Avenida del Puerto
In the next months it is also planned to start the remodeling of the Avenida del Puerto in its final stretch that connects with the roundabout of the ship, the northern entrance of the municipality on its boundary with the province of Alicante. With the renewal of the asphalt, a bike lane will be incorporated. The work will improve the access that allows vehicles to arrive in a straight line from the AP-7 motorway to the center of Lo Pagán and the beaches.

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