The Parque del Mar will have a stage, healthy games and water jets

The demolition of the Coyote bar, in La Curva, will create a pedestrian access to La Puntica.

Tourists will find this summer a new seafront in Lo Pagán. The City Council wants to completely renew the image of the Park of the Sea during the months of May and June so that in the next tourist campaign it looks more modern in the 12,000 square meters that are between the fishing pier, the Spanish Institute of Oceanography and The curve. “It had already been old and needed to make a space more accessible, not to be flooded and, above all, very versatile for all ages”, explains the councilor for Urbanism, Pedro Sánchez.

To stop being a transit site and become a green area for family leisure, Mayca Egea, the architect from Pinar del Rio, has devised a healthy circuit with games for the elderly and others for children. Young people will have their space, with a zip line and areas with textile shades to meet outdoors. One of the main attractions of the new park will be the jets of water in the ground, which in summer will ensure the fun of the little ones.

The stage, which serves for the celebration of summer events, will be modernized and “will be more used, since the space for the public will be more transparent, there are so many beds that make space unusable,” the mayor says. To make the neighbors even more comfortable, it has been thought to install some shaded tables to serve as a picnic area or reading or reading area. The pavement will be made of smooth concrete and cobblestone.

Works ready before July.

The City Council has already offered to contract the works, worth 480,000 euros, so that they are ready before July, as well as those of the new pedestrian street.

The demolition of El Coyote bar, in La Curva, will open this spring a pedestrian access of 200 square meters that will connect the Parque del Mar with the promenade of La Puntica. The Coyote was the only one of the unlicensed bars of La Curva that refused to sign the agreement proposed by the City Council, which allowed them to operate for 15 more years – it was signed in 2012, for which there are still ten years left – in exchange for delivering the buildings for demolition at the end of the term. “The Consistory expropriated it and, as it is the only element in disrepair, it will be demolished and it will become a saloon street”, says Sánchez.

The local architect Bernardo Cerrato has designed “a welcoming lobby to the Mar Menor” full of sailor winks, so that this corridor to the beach will be decorated with fishing nets and a pavement reminiscent of the old fishermen’s houses. The Mediterranean vegetation will decorate the street, which will include a bench running and hanging pots. The budget of this remodeling rises to 100,000 euros and, like the works of the Parque del Mar, will be completed before the summer.